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The purpose of The Road to Equity: The 5 C’s to Construct an Equitable Classroom is to provide best practices as tools to understanding equity to address the achievement gap.  

The Five C’s to Construct an Equitable Classroom will revolutionize the perception of your students, classroom, campus, and district by providing a solution to close the gap and instituting a powerful and purposeful message change the narrative and be the change.

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Another Seat at the Table

An Open Discussion about Diversity and Inclusion

A comprehensive Diversity and Inclusion training that satisfies all the SHRM and government compliance requirements, improves employee engagement across the board, and mitigates the risk of these types of fines and other legal action against you and your company.

FREE 45 minute Lunch and Learn offer available for your team!

The Five C's to Construct an Equitable Classroom

Join us on #TheRoadToEquity to close the gap through culturally-relevant pedagogy. Learn the Five C's to Construct an Equitable Classroom with best practices and tools to reach and teach "the how."

College, Career, Military Readiness Seminar

Help students discover & explore their path to success through education + entertainment 
Are your students ready?

Confront their bias and understand the multiple pathways to success!

Closing the Gap:
Barriers to Education

Join us on  #TheRoadToEquity by understanding the barriers to learning for students and how you can do your part to change the narrative and close the gap.

Restorative Discipline |  Restorative  Parenting

Learn how to foster effective communication and relationship building to create meaningful opportunities for adults & students to respond to conflict in a manner that is healthy and constructive. #circleup

Real World Tour & Pep Rally

Featuring Dr. Harrison Jones,  author of "I Used to Hate School." Let's work together to transform your campus climate & culture!

Creating The Winning Classroom

Discover FIVE proven principles for success in education by transforming your mindset to build your capacity as a leader - helping students WIN!

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Join us on #TheRoadToEquity

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