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"I appreciate bringing Equity more into the center of the conversation at Closing The Gaps. This presentation offered useful reflections, tools and action steps to work equity in a classroom setting. I appreciate learning about the Harvard Implicit Association test. Taking some of the tests was eye opening and gave me feedback about work i can do. Thank you!"

Participant Feedback

Closing the Gaps Conference

"I realized that different folks need different tools to achieve success."

Participant Feedback

State Auditor's Office Conference

"I am thoroughly enjoying your training. You are doing AMAZING work. I AM IMPRESSED!"

Mrs. Carter


"Kayren is wonderful to work with and has always been very knowledgeable and personable in everything she does. I would love to work with her again and again."

Mrs. Smith


"Kayren, the founder of MK Results, is a knowledgeable business with many skills! I sought Kayren's services to provide me with guidance on marketing my personal business. She listened intently, with interest, as I explained my needs. More importantly, I left feeling encouraged and empowered."

Mrs. Wright


"Thank you, Kayren, for that icebreaker and it forced us to look at another perspective other than our own."

Mrs. Franklin



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